Sunpro Energy Corp. Solar Systems for County of Los Angeles & Surrounding Counties.


We offer Solar Power to Homeowners, Businesses and Government properties.

Who We Are

SunPro Energy is a leading solar company in the industry with world-class solar panels in the US and the best international panels ever produced in the industry and a design and installation department recognized throughout the City Planner / Permit Division for exceptional performance and satisfaction recognized by our customers. We are also proud of our PACE-approved home efficiency department (CA State Approved Efficiency Program); Most homes are certified to be more energy efficient as part of efficiency improvements approved by the state of California. Visit our website for more information and call me if you have any questions.


Why we should go Solar

We at SunPro Energy believe that as a company it is always important to see the big picture

We have a huge impact on our planet

Rich countries have a huge impact on climate change due to our population density and individual energy consumption. The more devices we own and control, the more energy we use. The environmental impact of burning fossil fuels underdeveloped Countries is due to the fact that they have few alternatives.

Solar energy helps to not be dependent on energy suppliers and their price increases.

That’s why solar isn’t just for the rich or the poor, it’s for everyone.


30% Income Tax Credit

Power Co. incentives

$0 Up Front Cost

Total Home & Commercial Upgrade/Efficiency Improvements

And more……

We have secured the New guidelines for 2022 and lending procedures from the State of Ca. PACE Program.

Most of your payments and interest are tax-deductible, the system and what you do on the house will practically pay for itself.

You will not pay for power for the rest of the life of the House and/or your stay at this house.

Increase the Value and the marketability of your property by 10%-15%.

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